The Seascapes

The Seascapes

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Turning North

The Karen Elizabeth has turned back north after completing two daytime stations in the southern Mid-Atlantic Bight. The next stations will fill in gaps in the two regions already sampled off Delaware Bay and Martha's Vineyard based on time of day.

Here is a Station 16 report from the ship:
Chris's station late this afternoon. This was in the hotzone but he didn't find that out till afterward. The acoustics screen shows the type of stuff we saw on the screen at depths greater than 165 meters.

The temperature and depth plots below are from the doors. The second tow was perpendicular to the bank. At about 160 meters, we hit a temperature front and the fish started to be visible in the cold water pressed up against that warm water boundary.

This is the kind of fine scale stuff going on inside our great big butterfish pixels that are affecting the fishes.

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