The Seascapes

The Seascapes

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daytime Samping Along the outer shelf

Sunday was a busy day for the Karen Elizabeth. Since this morning 4 additional stations were completed. Three during daylight hours and a forth finished just an hour ago under darkness. All four stations are out near the shelf break. In the map below the stations are indicated by a blue (nightime) or yellow (daytime) marker. Again the latest ship location is shown as the glider tail labeled 'ru10'.

Of the seven stations completed so far on this trip, the only one with more than 110 lbs of butterfish landed was Station 5. This station is located well offshore in an area just outside of our model coverage. The gaps in the butterfish model in this area are due to the presence of clouds in the satellite imagery that go into the model. Matt posted some good news today with a clear sky over much of the Mid Atlantic Bight.

Here is the latest prediction of butterfish habitat.

Next the Karen Elizabeth is going to heavily sample the shelf on its way south to our next area of focus off the Mouth of Delaware Bay. From the map, you can see an area of preferred butterfish habitat at the shelf break with a large area of blue (poor butterfish habitat) inshore.

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